Modelling evolution of herbicide resistance in blackgrass (Alopecurus myosuroides)

ntegrated weed management impacts the agronomic, economic, environmental and ecological sustainability of agroecosystems. Work package 8 of IWMPraise uses modelling approaches to understand the benefits, costs and trade-offs associated with these various metrics. Over-reliance on herbicides results in rapid evolution of herbicide resistance and researchers at Rothamsted in the UK have adapted published models of herbicide resistance, previously employed in Australian and North American systems, to compare risks of resistance in some of the conventional and modified weed management systems being trialled in the IWMPraise project. We will use prediction of the risk and timescale for the evolution of herbicide resistance as a measure of the agronomic sustainability of weed management systems.

Read the report regarding modelling of resistance development in Alopecurus myosuroides.