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July 30th 2020

Please see the announcement in the attached PDF. Given the current Covid-19 situation, a “virtual” open field day has been organized. The field day covers several projects in the Vallevecchia farm, including IWMPRAISE. The participants will connect to the Zoom platform and will be able to “visit” on screen the experimental trials, guided by an expert.

During the event, the link to download the IWMPRAISE 2020 booklet translated into Italian will be sent via Zoom chat to the participants.

Whoever is willing to participate must register for the event on the following site:

Participants will later receive via e-mail the Zoom link.




Past events

February-March 2020:

KGZS-Zavod LJ and Agricultural institite of Slovenia started IWMPRAISE dissemination campaign for agricultural contractors. A series of presentations will be held in the upcoming months, where the results of the field trials will be demonstrated to the members of machinery rings, agricultural contractors and other farming society.

More about the events and locations can be found here…


September 9th 2019:

Open field day at Infrastructural Centre Jablje, Slovenia
One of the events targeting farmers and experts in field of maize production in Slovenia, is taking place on AIS demonstration field, Jablje, Slovenia, on 10. 9. 2019.
‘Dan koruze’ is an open field day, comprised of different lectures on maize production and field trials visit.
A component of the meeting is also an update on IWMPRAISE trials in maize and a guided visit to the trials.

Link to the national invitation site:

JUNE 26TH 2019

Open field day that will take place on the 26th of June at Vallevecchia farm

8 years of experiments in Veneto and 2019 trials

Invitation to the Open field day

Read about the day here.

June 20th 2019:

Biologische Velddag 2019

Open field day in Lelystad, The Netherlands.

June 18th 2019

Winter wheat field day, Slimminge, Denmark

Temadag om hvede 2019, Ringsted

June 16th 2019

16 June Farm demo day La Viola IWMPRAISE WP3

Demonstration day organized by Scuola Superiore di Studi Universitari Sant Anna in Italy together with Rete Semirurali. An on-farm trial of lentil-wheat intercropping that is part of WP3 at La Viola farm. The trial was set up because the farmer became interested after having seen our legume-wheat relay-cropping trial, and was set up together with the farmer in a participatory way.

Invitation to the demonstration

June 13th 2019

Sugar beet demonstration day, Sofiehøj, Holeby, Denmark


June 12th 2019

Open field day in Rakičan, Slovenia

A field day, called ‘Dan pšenice’, was held at our partners’ Biotehniška šola v Rakičanu demonstration field in Rakičan, Slovenia. The event was focused on the 2019-situtation (weather, plant health, growth conditions) and crop management in small grains production. One segment of the event was also dedicated to IWMPRAISE and field trials visit.


June 11th 2019

Open field day at Infrastructural Centre Jablje, Slovenia

“Dan pšenice’, a field day focused on small grains production and its challanges in 2019 was held at the AIS demonstration field in Jablje, Slovenia. A part of the meeting, involving farmers and experts will be a presentation on IWMPRAISE project and a guided visit to the field trials.

June 6th 2019:
(moved from May 27th due to bad weather conditions.)

Visit to the experimental trials on “Integrated Weed Management”
Read more…

May 31th 2019:

Visit to the experimental trials on “Integrated Weed Management”
Read more…

May 30th 2019:

Visit to the experimental trials on “Integrated Weed Management”
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May 29th 2019:
Visit to the experimental trials on “Integrated Weed Management”
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May 28th 2019:
Agroecology in Action
Diversification of cropping systems for sustainability and resilience
Place: Centro di Ricerche Agro-ambientali “E. Avanzi”Via Vecchia di 
Marina, 6, 56122 Pisa PI
information and registration: lucia.campenni@unipi.it





We present three thematic tours, each visiting 2 or 3 field experiments. Each tour will be repeated three times during the day (first round: 9.30-12.30; second round: 13.30-16.30; third round: 17.30-19.30):  

  • Theme 1: Cover Crops
  • Theme 2: Legume Crops
  • Theme 3: Perennial Crops
April 10th 2019:
Open field day in Larraga City Hall, Larraga, Navarra
July 25th 2018:

NIAB EMR, Kent: Fruit Focus is the leading technical event for the fruit industry. 
Fruit Focus is one of the major events for the UK fruit industry. Taking place at East Malling, Kent, the event will include two tours of the NIAB EMR research vineyard with a special focus on the IWM PRAISE project. The tour will include the demonstration of weeding technologies and the presentation of the various experiments taking place in the vineyard for the project.
 July 17th 2018:

INTEGRATED WEED MANAGEMENT. Open fielddayon conservation agriculture
June 19th 2018:

Open field day on IWMPRAISE experimental trials in Pisa 
July 2th 2018 10:00:
Presentation of IWMPRAISE field trials, Research Centre Flakkebjerg, Slagelse, Denmark