First National Cluster meeting in perennial woody crops (WP6)

The first National Cluster meeting of the WP6 was held on February 7th in Córdoba (Spain) with the presence of the NIAB (United Kingdom), INTIASA and IAS-CSIC (Spain) participants.The main objective of the WP6 is to develop sustainable and cost-effective IWM strategies for woody perennial crops, specifically olive orchards in Spain and orchards and vineyards in the United Kingdom. Advances were made in the scenario of perennial woody crops, establishing the IWM strategies to be applied in the 1st year trials as well as common aspects and methodology to be used according to the main goals and work schedule of the IWMPRAISE project. In addition, some olive orchards with different IWM strategies (cover crops and tillage inter-row management) were visited with the collaboration of the olive-growing cooperative ‘Virgen del Campo’ of Cañete de las Torres (Córdoba).

Read more (in Spanish) about the meeting here