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WP1 – IWM Mental Models: End user’s perception, barriers to uptake new knowledge and drivers for decision making

WP2 – Innovation hub

Italian field testing of cover crops in two different cropping systems

The Italian partners of IWMPRAISE have established field trials…

Italian adaption of “cut-roller” as roller-crimper

The Italian partners of IWMPRAISE are aiming at growing winter…

WP3 – Annual narrow-row crops

Italian field trial looking at integrated weeds management through relay cropping of legume with durum wheat

The Italian cluster of WP3 (annual narrow-row crops systems)…

Cameras for weed registration

As part of IWMPRAISE, we have had the opportunity to test cameras…

Demonstration trial in Denmark for annual narrow row crop established

A demonstration trial with winter wheat has been established…

WP4 – Annual row crops

Italian long-term field experiment with cropping systems for annual row crops

The Italian cluster of WP4 (annual row crops systems) is studying…

WP5 – Perennial herbaceous crops

WP6 – Perennial woody crops

First National Cluster meeting in perennial woody crops (WP6)

The first National Cluster meeting of the WP6 was held on February…

WP7 – IWM under different tillage regimes and the effects on soil quality

WP8 – Perennial herbaceous crops

WP9 – Dissemination and communication

WP10 – Management and coordination