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WP1 – IWM Mental Models: End user’s perception, barriers to uptake new knowledge and drivers for decision making

WP2 – Innovation hub

WP3 – Annual narrow-row crops

19 June 2018 - Open field day on IWMPRAISE experimental trials in Pisa

On Tuesday the 19th of June 2018 the "Enrico Avanzi" Agricultural…

News from demonstration trial in winter wheat in Flakkebjerg, Denmark, May 2018

After a difficult and wet autumn, most plots have come off to…

Italian field trial looking at integrated weeds management through relay cropping of legume with durum wheat

The Italian cluster of WP3 (annual narrow-row crops systems)…

WP4 – Annual row crops

Italian long-term field experiment with cropping systems for annual row crops

The Italian cluster of WP4 (annual row crops systems) is studying…

WP5 – Perennial herbaceous crops

WP6 – Perennial woody crops

WP7 – IWM under different tillage regimes and the effects on soil quality

WP8 – Perennial herbaceous crops

WP9 – Dissemination and communication

WP10 – Management and coordination