Status of the work in WP3, the Slovenian National Cluster

June 2018

Slovenian agricultural production and cropping systems are strongly diversified, where at least 3-4 crops are included in the rotation and highly specialized cereals or maize production farms are extremely rare. Therefore, only one national cluster was established for WP3 and WP4 package. The slovenian national cluster is formed out of research institution (Agricultural Institute of Slovenia and Biotechnical School Rakican), dissemination partner (KGZS-Zavod LJ) and SME (Gorenc, Igor Stare s.p.) After the kick-off meeting, slovenian national cluster met for the first time at the end of June 2017, where future activities and specially strategies for the upcoming winter cereals production were discussed. The national cluster agreed on the strategies with 2 standard autumn and spring herbicide treatments, while in integrated approach tine harrowing, blind harrowing and reduced herbicide appliacation by need were included in the winter wheat weed control strategies. We allready organized a Wheat field day and our experimental plots were also visited by students from Biotechnical Faculy of University of Ljubaljana. Currently, warm temperatures are promoting winter wheat development and ripening, therefore we expect harvest and some nice results in a couple of weeks.

Winter wheat development in optimal sowing time (left) and 14 days delayed sowing 5 weeks after optimal sowing time.


Hardly visible differences in winter wheat development, 6 weeks after sowing (6.12. 2017).


Agriculture students from Biotechnical Faculty of University of Ljubljana visited the winter wheat experiment.