Status of the work in WP4, the French National Cluster

June 2018

By Philippe Delval, ACTA, France and Ludovic Bonin, Arvalis, France

Experimental trial of weed management on beets, Richarville, France 91

Open day: June 7th, 2018

Number of participants: 240 people

The weed control trials of Richarville are located in the South of Paris, in the department of Essonne. These trials were initially supposed to test between zero to three applications of chemical treatment combined with different mechanical means. The purpose was to decrease, as much as possible, the number of herbicides applications (for instance from three to two) while maintaining a high weed control.

Finally, only 2 applications of herbicides were enough to achieve the goal of 96% weeds removal. As a matter of fact, suitable weather conditions enabled the rapid growth of beets. The weed removal efficiency achieved 100 % when herbicides applications were completed by the use of rotative weeder. Mechanical weeding only, without using herbicides, was only 69% efficient.

IWMPRAISE trials in WP4 (on maize)

Objectives to study mixed (or combined) strategies to reduce herbicide use.

References are early pre-emergence and post-emergence. These will be compared to strategies integrating hoeing (single or several passages).

Préemergence Post 3-4 L Post 4-6 L €/ha ind (exc.hoeing) TFI


1 Hoeing Hoeing 0.00
2 Adengo Xtra  0.44 59 1.00
3 Camix 2.5 Elumis 0.75 +
Peak 6g
77 1.47
4 Adengo Xtra  0.44 Elumis 0.75 +
Peak 6g
103 1.80
5 Adengo Xtra  0.44
on row
Hoeing Hoeing 24 0.40
6 Adengo Xtra  0.44
on row
Elumis 0.75 +
Peak 6g full width
Hoeing 68 1.20
7 Camix 2.5 on row Elumis 0.75 +
Peak 6g full width
Hoeing 57 1.07