Status of the work in WP5, the Slovenian National Cluster

June 2018

Within the WP5, Agricultural institute of Slovenia is involved only in task 5.4 – Augmentative biological control of Rumex spp. in grasslands, therefore national cluster for WP5 was not formed. During the spring 2018 the details of experimental protocol were discussed and also two experimental sites with Rumex infestation were selected. Our colleague visited our project partner at CABI station in Delemont (Switzerland) in June 2018, where he gained the knowledge needed to establish the rearing of the Pyropteron chrysidiforme also in Slovenia. After the return with the pupae in the Rumex rootstocks, the adults mated and we collected more than 5000 eggs and inoculate 175 Rumex plants at one of the experimental location. Currently, we are collecting eggs and will be ready to inoculate Rumex plants also on the second site in a couple of weeks.

Rumex rootstocks infested with Pyropteron chrysidiforme pupae ready to be transported to Slovenia.

Rumex inoculation with Pyropteron chrysidiforme in mid June 2018.