Status of the work in WP8, the UK National Cluster

June 2018

All WP8 participants attended a two-day meeting at Rothamsted Research on the 6-7th September 2017. At the meeting, the models that will be used in each Task were presented with a focus on data requirements. On the second day, this information was collated in a spreadsheet of essential and desired data fields that was subsequently disseminated to WP leads and National Cluster leaders for feedback. There have been some discussions around the data requirements but there is a consensus that the inputs required by the models are achievable.

A ‘google form’ was also distributed to the project partners to collect meta-data on all the planned experiments in 2018. This will provide the framework for deciding the initial experiments to focus the modelling work on. The intention is to use the model output to inform the co-design of subsequent experiments; WP8 Task leads will need to work closely with national cluster leaders to ensure data are available in a timely fashion.

As of June 2018, 18 experiments had been entered into the google forms database with a good spread across the experimental workpackages.