Update regarding Danish winter wheat demonstration trial

Season 2017-2018 was challenged by a very wet autumn at establishment and extremely dry conditions during late spring and summer. This reduced the emergence of weeds and the limited weed number has profound influence on the data collected. It was not possible to conclude on weed control efficacy of the established strategies, but the crop biomass showed positive tendencies in the strategies with mechanical treatment. There was lower crop biomass in the no-till strategies, but this was likely a consequence of the poor conditions at sowing for this method.

The Danish national cluster had a meeting in July 2018 to evaluate the previous season and plan for the coming season.

The next season’s demonstration trial will be located in fields belonging to VKST (a local advisory service), where an area is assigned to demonstration and will have a large number of visitors (farmers, advisers etc.) during the growing season. The demonstration trial was established in September 2018 and will include strategies with different sowing dates, variable sowing density, direct sowing and variable levels of mechanical and chemical weed control.

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