Annual row crop demonstration trial in sugar beets is established in Flakkebjerg, Denmark

A demonstration trial with four different strategies has been established with a standard strategy and 3 alternative strategies. The standard strategy includes three herbicide broad-sprayed applications with metamitron + ethofumesat + phenmedipham. The three alternative strategies all includes herbicides applied as band spraying combined with weed harrowing between rows. One alternative strategy is sowed and sprayed concurrently with the standard. Another was sowed later after establishment of a false seed bed. The last alternative strategy includes ALS-tolerant sugar beets (SMART JANINKA KWS) and the second herbicide application is replaced with the appropriate herbicide for this system, Conviso One.


Sowing of sugar beets


Sugar beets before inter-row cultivation


Inter-row cultivation sugar beet


Close-up of sugar beets after inter-row cultivation


You may read more about this trial in Danish here…